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Wine bottles are offered in 750 ml or 1 L format. Please note that you have to buy 6 bottles at a time.

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Products Price
Twist cap bottle 750 mL 1,20$
Twist cap bottle 1 L 1,40$
6 bottles plastic pak 6,95$
750 mL carton box 2,40$

Identify your profile

Full-bodied, fruity

  • Dry wines
  • Generally higher alcohol content
  • Intense fruity flavours
  • Mellow, velvety smooth sensation

Full-bodied, woody

  • Dry wines
  • Generally higher alcohol content
  • Oaky notes, powerful fruity aromas
  • Mellow, velvety, fleshy sensation


  • Usually dry wines
  • Lesser presence of alcohol
  • Fruity aromas
  • Fresh sensation


  • Dry wines
  • Medium alcohol content
  • Subtle aromas and flavours
  • Well-balanced with fruity notes